Tomo Tuna Special Event

How well do you know your tuna?

Join us from Jan 26th through Jan 29th for 4 days only, Tomo will be hosting a Tuna Event Special.

Come and Experience the different flavors of a Bluefin Tuna  – Otoro(tuna belly), Chutoro(medium belly), Toro.

Tomo sushi chefs, the best sushi chefs in town are ready to serve you and present to you this magnificent fish.

Here’s a sneak peak of what our chefs are preparing

  • Tuna Heaven : 2 Otoro, 2 Chutoro, 2 Akami(red meat), 2 Otoro Kunkan, 1 Otoro Maki
  • World of Tuna : 2 Otoro, 2 Chutoro, 2 Akami

chutoro sashimi1.jpgtoro sashimi 5.jpgotoro sashimi 6.jpg

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