Raw Oyster Special Event

For all you Oyster Fans,

Tomo chefs will be preparing a Raw Oyster month event starting in February and ending in March.

Dive into our quality oysters with our chef’s special salsa sauce. Ask your server for sake pairings that complement these richly flavored half shells.

Yes, Tomo friends, reserve your seats to eat these little suckers while they are raw and still alive.

Served on the Weekends Only.



** Hours of Operation

Monday ~Thursday    11:00am~2:00pm   /   4:30pm~10:00pm

Friday                                 11:00am~2:00pm   /   4:00pm~11:00pm

Saturday                            11:00am~2:30pm   /   4:00pm~11:00pm

Sunday                               11:00am~9:30pm

** Address

4317 Charlestown Rd. New Albany, IN 47150