August Monday Night Specials

Thank you all for coming by and enjoying our special 10 Roll in July.

It’s August and we’re ready to unveil our keep cool August summer rolls.

Also, continuing is our Tomo Monday Speicals. Spread the word and stay cool with Tomo~

  1. Bali Roll  ($8.95  -> $5.95)
  2. Bang Bang Shrimp Roll  ($12.95 -> $9.95)
  3. BooBoo Roll ($10.95 -> $7.95)
  4. Fire Roll ($11.95 -> $8.95)
  5. Hawaiian Roll ($11.95 -> $8.95)
  6. Becca Roll ($10.95 -> $7.95)
  7. Big Mama Roll ($8.95  -> $5.95)
  8. Candy Cane Roll ($12.95 -> $9.95)
  9. Derby Roll ($11.95 -> $8.95)
  10. Dynamite Yellow Tail Roll ($11.95 -> $8.95)

July Monday Night Specials

Thank you all for coming by and enjoying our special 10 Roll in June.

Summer is sizzling and so is our 10 Roll Special for July.

Also, continuing is our Tomo Monday Speicals. Food, Fun, and Memories always at Tomo.

  1. Godzilla Roll  ($8.95  -> $5.95)
  2. Sunday Morning Roll  ($7.95 -> $4.95)
  3. Cobra Roll ($11.95 -> $8.95)
  4. Dragon Roll ($10.95 -> $7.95)
  5. Dancing Salmon Roll ($11.95 -> $8.95)
  6. Spider Roll ($10.95 -> $7.95)
  7. Maui Roll ($10.95 -> $7.95)
  8. Casanova Roll ($11.95 -> $8.95)
  9. Crunch Shrimp Roll ($9.95 -> $6.95)
  10. Mt. Fuji Roll ($11.95 -> $8.95)

Monday Night Specials

Tomo Friends is excited to bring Monday Night Specials to a whole new level starting in JUNE.

1) Our $1 sushi and $3.95 roll items have become a staple to Tomo Friends Monday Night Special. Here are our Favored Sushi and Rolls;

   $1.00 for one piece  

  1. Red Snapper (Tail)
  2. Crab Stick (Kani)
  3. Egg (Tamago)
  4. Shrimp (Ebi)
  5. Salmon (Sake)
  6. Mackerel (Saba)
  7. Tuna (Maguro)

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Tomo Monday Night Special

Monday Night Football may have passed, but here at Tomo’s we have brought back our infamous Monday Night Special Roll.

Every Monday Night, Tomo Sushi Chef’s will prepare Two Secret Special Rolls at a Special Price. Each week the Rolls will not be announced in advanced, so the only way to find out what the menu is, is by joining us every Monday evening starting from April 3rd.

Come join our Secret Menu event while it lasts ~



Tomo Tuna Special Event

How well do you know your tuna?

Join us from Jan 26th through Jan 29th for 4 days only, Tomo will be hosting a Tuna Event Special.

Come and Experience the different flavors of a Bluefin Tuna  – Otoro(tuna belly), Chutoro(medium belly), Toro.

Tomo sushi chefs, the best sushi chefs in town are ready to serve you and present to you this magnificent fish.

Here’s a sneak peak of what our chefs are preparing

  • Tuna Heaven : 2 Otoro, 2 Chutoro, 2 Akami(red meat), 2 Otoro Kunkan, 1 Otoro Maki
  • World of Tuna : 2 Otoro, 2 Chutoro, 2 Akami

chutoro sashimi1.jpgtoro sashimi 5.jpgotoro sashimi 6.jpg

Raw Oyster Special Event

For all you Oyster Fans,

Tomo chefs will be preparing a Raw Oyster month event starting in February and ending in March.

Dive into our quality oysters with our chef’s special salsa sauce. Ask your server for sake pairings that complement these richly flavored half shells.

Yes, Tomo friends, reserve your seats to eat these little suckers while they are raw and still alive.

Served on the Weekends Only.